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Because you already know how transformative a supportive, international community of likeminded people can be!

Working from Home

You've been feeling stuck with your English at work.

You want to be able to express yourself as fully and authentically as you do in your native language, but for some reason, you don't feel that way with English.

You've studied, you've taken classes, you've watched videos and read articles, you've tried practicing with people...

But finding time in your schedule is tough. You've got too much going on at home or at work to deal with courses. And you wish there was an easier way to feel confident speaking English at work.

You wish someone could just tell you what you need to work on and how to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

No drama. Just results.

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In this Strategy Session, we'll discuss what you feel is holding you back from speaking English confidently and fluently.

And we'll come up with a plan and action steps you can take in order to accomplish your English communication goals.

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I'm a Femme Palette community member and an English Communication Coach and Teacher.

My background in Tech, sales, management and leadership, HR, learning and development, in addition to my experience as an actor and performer in NYC give you exactly the right balance of practical skills, public speaking and performance, and authenticity to find your own unique communication style!

I want you to feel so comfortable communicating in English that it stops being a thing--no stress, no worrying about mistakes, just getting your message across and feeling like yourself!

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If you think that I can help you with your English communication goals after our Strategy session, you will also be eligible for 10% off of ANY of our services!

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A monthly membership that gives you something to practice each day

Our membership program gives you a structured way to incorporate speaking a little bit of English into your daily life.

Do you spend time worrying about what to practice or study to make the most out of your limited English practice time? Let us handle that for you, so you can just show up and speak!

We do this through:

  • Daily speaking prompts about interesting topics and themes relevant to the real world

  • Grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation exercises each week based on our weekly theme

  • Live bi-weekly meetings to practice, get feedback, and deepen your understanding of topics in the community

It works just like a Netflix subscription, so you can cancel and rejoin anytime! Only €47 a month!


Our Signature Program that will reshape your relationship with English

Our holistic, three-month program gives you the tools to become a confident English speaker and transform your relationship and approach to speaking English at work and out in the world.

We do this through:

  • Neuroscience and habit-formation awareness

  • Incorporating speaking English into your daily life

  • Learning to prioritize feedback so that you're only focusing on things that move the needle on your confidence

All the same features of the Jump-Start Your Speaking Practice community, plus:

  • Small group coaching and trainings, so you can understand what is holding you back from communicating clearly and effectively

  • More focused, individual attention and feedback so you know exactly where to invest your time and attention to have the largest impact

Programs starting at €473

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Bespoke Coaching program tailored to your needs

Perfect for someone who has a specific goal in mind and wants to achieve it ASAP!

Our bespoke 1:1 coaching program is based around YOU--your goals, your learning style, your timeline.

We will focus on:

  • What is holding you back from communicating the way you want

  • Strategies to overcome these challenges

  • Giving you the tools to succeed that will last long after our time together has ended

Our clients in the past have focused on things like:

  • Interview preparation

  • Getting ready to lead presentations and meetings

  • Presentation skills and public speaking practice

  • Understanding why we're afraid to speak to others

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