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🙇🏻 You want an international job and you know you have to practice speaking English more in order to get it

🙇🏻 You know that moving abroad and immersing yourself in the local culture and language is the "best way" to learn English, but you have obligations and responsibilities at home that you cannot leave just to practice your English

🙇🏻 You wish you had more time to practice your English, but you're just so busy

🙇🏻 You've been taking weekly conversation classes for years and years, but for some reason, you still don't feel confident when you speak English in the real world

🙇🏻 You want to practice English more, but you don't have a plan or know what to do each day that will get you the biggest impact

🙇🏻 You still don't feel confident speaking English, so you assume you need more vocabulary and complex grammar structures

🙇🏻 You're always afraid someone will hear you make a mistake when you're talking and will judge you

🙇🏻 You're a shy, introverted person by nature, but you don't want to miss out on better opportunities in your life because of your English

If any of these sound like you, then I think you're in the right place!

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Go from stuck English learner to confident English speaker!

You've taken years of English courses at language schools, had private conversation classes, been to language exchanges, signed up for every free speaking challenge on the internet, followed every English teacher on social media...

And somehow you still feel stressed out and shy when you need to speak English for work or when traveling!

Our six-month, immersive program is designed to get you talking! Utilizing the psychology of habit-building, My English Habit will give you the tools and the confidence boost you need to go after your dreams!

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: About
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Michal, Prague, CZ 🇨🇿


"I definitely feel like I've built and kept up my habit of speaking English five days a week. My motivation to join the program was to try a different method of practicing English compared to typical academic methods. For me, spending time on my English makes sense emotionally and rationally. It's a bigger investment, but I would say that [My English Habit] is the most effective way that I've learned English."

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Learn all about the program from our founder, Stephanie to see if it's the right match for you!

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And why they're important for YOU!

My English Habit is an immersive, six-month program, but how do we immerse you exactly? Learn more about the features of the program and how they work to get you closer to your dreams!


Practice speaking on your own schedule from anywhere

Audio recordings (or voice memos) are our main mode of communication in the program. This gives you the opportunity to practice speaking and get feedback without having to attend live meetings each day.

Speak English a little bit each day and get feedback on your own terms!


Learn grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in context

Memorizing a random list of vocabulary and grammar points doesn't work when you want to be fluent and confident.

In My English Habit, all of the exercises and topics are connected to the weekly theme, so everything is learned using its real-world context.


Support from people like you who understand your struggles and successes

It's one thing to record yourself speaking English each day. It's another to have a group of people who understand what you're going through, who have been there themselves, and have come out the other side.

Learn from others in the community, engage in conversation, and listen to other accents to expand your global perspective.


Because sometimes your mindset and experience is what's holding you back

You've done all the tasks, you've made all of your recordings, and yet, you still don't feel confident speaking English out in the real world.

This is where English language coaching comes in! We figure out what's holding you back from being the English speaker you know you're meant to be. Because most of the time, our experiences have shaped how we see ourselves and our language skills.


Our Conversation Power Hour is not like your regular conversation class

We've taken the typical "conversational English class" and have given it an upgrade!

Our Conversation Power Hours are led by you, the members of the community! Using a structure inspired by the Socratic Method, our Power Hours are meant to get you talking, asking questions, and engaging everyone in the group.

These Power Hours are a great opportunity to further the conversation from the daily speaking prompts and get live practice and feedback on the vocabulary and grammar from the weekly theme.


Because practicing English should be fun too!

Our events have been on a variety of subjects--We've had webinars, trainings, fun game nights, and cook-alongs!

These events are customizable based on what the community wants most and are a great chance for members to relax and just enjoy the English language.

Because practicing English shouldn't always feel like a chore you have to complete...

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: Services
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Viktoriia, Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦


"We are in a group, but at the same time, the feeling is that I have individual lessons, thanks to the detailed feedback from the teacher. We receive a lot of useful information and detailed feedback for each recording (not only written remarks, but also audio). I want to listen to everyone's recordings because sometimes it's more interesting to listen to someone and continue the conversation in their thread than just making your own recording. It's worth trying a new way of learning English!"

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Choose the option that fits your needs best!

Not sure what that is? Book a free call with Stephanie to find out which program offer is right for you!

895 €

Creating Good Habits program

Ready to start building a habit, but not ready to fully commit to recording yourself daily?

Then our Creating Good Habits program is perfect for you!

This program includes:

  • Up to 2 audio recordings per week

  • Feedback within 48 hrs

  • Bi-Weekly 60 min Group Coaching

  • Bi-Weekly 60 min Conversation Power Hour

  • Interactive Progress Tracker

  • Quarterly Events

  • Daily speaking prompts

  • Full access to the My English Habit community

1709 €

Every Day English Habit

You have a dream of moving abroad and breaking into the English-speaking job market... and you're tired of letting your lack of confidence and practice stand in your way!

Then the Every Day English Habit is the way to get there FAST!

This program includes:

  • Up to 5 audio recording per week

  • Priority Feedback within 24 hrs

  • 90 min of Coaching 1:1 with Stephanie each month

  • Plus everything in the Creating Good Habits program!


Available for both programs

You're ready to jump into the program, but your bank account is making you hesitate about making the investment.

Pay in three installments for both the Creating Good Habits program and the Every Day English Habit program by clicking the links here.

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: Packages & Rates
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"The [My English Habit] method works because in fact I am speaking in English every day and I got engaged in the program! It is a safe space to learn and improve your English, with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises. You can build a habit! It is a very close and quick approach of the teacher and the speaking prompts are good to promote new topics of conversation. I really trust Stephanie’s work and I am having a good experience!


Solange, São Paolo, Brazil 🇧🇷

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: Quote


The Creating Good Habits or the Every Day English Habit program?

Allow me to walk you through the differences!

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: Video
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Vasilii, Czech Republic/Russia 🇨🇿🇷🇺


"I think the communication between the teacher and the students is amazing! There are conversations actually happening and people are interested in participating, which is creating situations in which English knowledge may be improved. The content is relatable, and I think that everyone in the group can comment on it with something substantial. It’s also fun! I think it's a great value for the actual detailed feedback from a teacher, but also for being in a group of cool people who also want to learn."

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: Quote
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Create sustainable speaking habits

Using the science of habit-building, we provide you the environment and community to create and sustain speaking a little bit of English each day.

We give you:

  • The Weekly themes and daily speaking prompts so you always have something to talk about.

  • Vocabulary and grammar exercises to practice skills from the context of the weekly theme.

  • And the flexibility to ignore those and talk about what's most important to you!

  • Plus the live practice opportunities, such as the Conversation Power Hour, Group and 1:1 Coaching calls, and our Quarterly events.

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Did I miss any questions you have?
Book a free, no obligation call with me, Stephanie, and we can chat about them together!

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: FAQ


To be honest, it depends on each person and their goals.

Some folks like to do every single exercise, make every single recording, attend every meeting, etc., so that is a much more time and energy-intensive approach to the program.

However, some people take a bit more of a relaxed approach, setting a dedicated amount of time each day or each week for English and doing as much as they can within those time limits and boundaries.

On average, it takes most participants about 15-30 minutes each day.

Some of them spend that 15-30 minutes literally seven days a week. Some of them maybe skip a day, but then add the time to another day when they have more flexibility. It really depends on your approach and what you want to focus on.

There is no right or wrong way to approach this program...

Okay, maybe the only "wrong way" is to not do ANYTHING in the program. But as long as you're working towards doing at least 1% of something each day, then you're building up your habits!


On average, there is one live call per week. This could be either the Conversation Power Hour, the Group Coaching call, or our Quarterly Event.

The dates/times of those meetings are determined the first week of the program based on a best fit for the group.

Every meeting and session is recorded for those who cannot attend live to watch the replay. There are also opportunities in the community to post your questions before those meetings, that way your questions are still answered even if you cannot attend the meeting yourself.

If you sign up for the Every Day English Habit program, then you have an additional 90 minutes of 1:1 coaching with Stephanie each month. You can break down these 90 minutes however works best for your schedule.

For example:

  • 3x 30-min coaching sessions

  • 2x 45-min coaching sessions

  • 1x 60-min and 1x 30-min coaching sessions

  • or one big 90-min coaching session


If you are part of the Creating Good Habits program, then you will typically receive your transcript feedback within 48 hours.

If you are part of the Every Day English Habit program, then you get priority feedback, typically within 24 hours.

Priority feedback means that if there are already submitted audio recordings from people in the Creating Good Habits program awaiting feedback, then you get bumped to the top of the list. This is due to the fact that you have more recordings to make each week, so you need your feedback faster.

Audio recordings submitted between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, regardless of program, are subject to extended turnaround time. (Yes, even English teachers need days off from work each week!) 

Priority feedback still takes precedent after the weekend, so those in the Every Day English Habit program will still get priority.


For the first seven (7) days of the program, anyone may leave the program at any time, for any reason, and receive a full refund.

If you go through the entire program in good faith--make all of your recordings, attend all of the meetings, focus on building habits, being honest and vulnerable in your struggles--and the program still doesn't work for you, then you will be entitled to a full refund.

To help put your mind at ease, there will be several opportunities, in both formal and informal settings, to provide feedback about the program to Stephanie and any of the support staff throughout the program.

I preach about how important feedback is to growing and developing our skills, and so I am incredibly open to any thoughts, concerns, and suggestions you have along the way. In fact, how we came to this iteration of the program is because of our open-dialogue and feedback culture.

You can always email your feedback and concerns to whenever you need!

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My English Habit will help transform you from perpetual English learner
to confident English speaker!

My English Habit May 2022 Cohort: Welcome
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